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Welcome to Sant Ram Prasad Chaudhary Gram Mahavidyalya

To make the students highly-qualified and talented. ,the college has started its mission to make people educated and selfdependent.
SRCG College has all the resources that makes its own identity. There are several extra-curricular activities entertained by the college, in which college students can participate and make their career and brighten their future.

The college has well furnished building, class-room, lecture-theaters, library, labs etc. Students of this college are doing their jobs with their best effort and are now working in the feild of Academics, Public services, and development and various social
They are doing their jobs in the various part of the country .
The college has very talented and experienced teaching staffs of various subjects that are teaching with their best effort.They are always encouraging and motivating the students. Students can discuss and get reasonable support with the staffs in their subjects.
The Departments of college has all the necessary resources like practical-labs, apparatus and equipments used by student in various practical subjects like socal activitis,basic seciences,computers etc.
For those students who have interest in participating the cultural programmes , college is providing various facilities like related instruments.

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